Five Rivers Environmental Center

Leader or Speaker: 
John Kent
Location of Event: 
Five Rivers EEC
October 8, 2017 - 8:00am - 12:00pm

Coordinator: John Kent 424-2234 jwkent [at] fastmail [dot] fm

We’ll walk about 2 miles over generally flat terrain with some small hills, passing through a variety of habitats. Migrating sparrows are often abundant at this time of the year, with a good chance of Lincoln’s and White-crowned as well as more common species. Both species of kinglet may be present, as well as Yellow-rumped Warbler, Palm Warbler and Blue-headed Vireo. A late Nashville, Black-throated Green, Blackpoll or Magnolia Warbler might be found. Wood Duck and other waterfowl are possible, as well as Cooper’s and Sharp-shinned Hawks and Merlin. Wet grass and muddy spots may be encountered, so waterproof footwear is recommended.