Help with Member Registration

What to do if:

  1. You are registered but you don't see the member's menu items
  2. You didn't receive an email with your password
  3. You need help from us

1. You are registered but don't see the member's menu items

Most of the problems with member registration are related to the email address.

  • Most importantly, the email address you enter must be the same as the one in our members database.
  • We do not have an email address for every member, and if we do not have yours, you cannot register as a member. Also, if we have an old email address that is different than the one you use now, you will not be able to register as a member.

    You should send us a note with your name and email address, and we will fix the members database to match your registration (see item 3, below).

  • Remember, two people cannot register as individuals using only one email address.
  • That is, if one member of a household used an email address to register, the other must use a different one to register. Each person must also have their own email address in the members database to get members privileges.

2. You didn't receive an email with your password

  • First, wait a bit. This can take a few minutes
  • It may have been trapped by your antispam software. You should set it to allow contact [at] and no-reply [at] Use the @ sign instead of [at].
  • We can setup a temporary password for you. See item 3, below.

3. What to do if you need help from us.

Go to Contact Us and send a note to HMBC Member Registration Help. Be sure to provide your name and email address and explain your problem carefully. We will work with you to solve it.