HMBC Annual Meeting

Leader or Speaker: 
Katerina Paleckova
Location of Event: 
Century House, Latham
April 11, 2018 - 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Program: Albatross Up Close

Observe the beauty and life of Laysan Albatross and other bird species, who inhabit the islands of Midway Atoll, thousands of kilometers from any continent, in the middle of north pacific ocean. Laysan Albatross are large seabirds with a wingspan of nearly 7 feet, able to fly and soar large distance on wind without wingbeat. This collection of photos of videos was collected during a volunteer trip to conduct albatross nest census. Photographing a large and dense bird colony during breeding and nesting season is an experience unlike any other and the opportunity to be within few inches from these non-threatening birds is exhilarating.

Speaker Bio: Katerina Paleckova

Katerina's curiosity about animals and nature was instilled in her in her grandparents' backyard in the Czech republic, where she grew up playing with domestic animals while helping tend to the orchard and vegetable patch. She also hiked the nearby mountains since she was 5 and vividly remembers when her father threatened to leave her to the wolves if she didn't keep walking when she got stuck in high snow. She enjoys extreme weather like snowstorms and loves exploring and photographing birds and other wildlife near and far. Katerina hopes to inspire love for nature in others. As a professional she is a graphic design/art director in brand and package design field. She also frequently work with nature organizations to create logos or signage and enjoy volunteering for bird conservation.