Urban Birding

Leader or Speaker: 
Tristan Lowery
Location of Event: 
Five Rivers EEC
February 4, 2019 - 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Urban Birding: Enjoying Wildlife in Not-So-Wild Places

For as long as people have been raising buildings skyward, birds have been finding ways to move over, through, and around our cities – and some have even decided to stay and live among us. Cities can be surprisingly productive places to find birds in any season, and the urban areas of the Capital Region are no exception. Local birder Tristan Lowery will discuss his experiences in birding around the City of Albany and other urban areas across the country, including the joys, benefits, and challenges of birding in an urban environment. In addition to learning about birding in these most unlikely places, we’ll talk about the importance of sharing our city habitats with wildlife, and how encounters with birds in cities can change lives for the better.

Tristan Lowery grew up on the edges of suburban development in eastern Long Island. but only got serious about birding in 2010 as a way to enjoy the outdoors again after years of living in New York City. Since moving to Albany, he’s completed graduate studies in urban planning and currently works for the New York State Department of Public Service in regulating energy conservation programs. In addition to being an dedicated urban birder in the Albany area, Tristan also designed the maps for Kathryn Schneider’s 2018 book Birding the Hudson Valley, writes the weekly Birds and Booze blog at 10,000 Birds (www.10000birds.com), and is serving his first term as vice president of the Hudson-Mohawk Bird Club.