Website Policies


  • The purpose of this site is to enhance birding in the Hudson-Mohawk Region by providing information on Club activities, services to Club members, information on wild birds and birding, and additional ways for birders to interact and communicate with each other about wild birds.


  • Postings must be related to the purpose of this website.
  • Users should be respectful of others in their writings.
  • Disagreement should be expressed in a civil and collegial manner.
  • No insults. No name-calling. No obscenities. No flame wars.
  • Users should take credit and responsibility for their postings by signing their own names to their postings.


  • Copyrighted material should not be posted on this site without the owner's permission except for a short excerpt as part of a review or article. Attribution must be given.
  • Users of the site retain the copyright to their own materials.
  • Copyright to materials posted on behalf of the Club belongs to the Hudson-Mohawk Bird Club, Inc.


  • The Club gathers personal information such as name and e-mail address from visitors to this site who register as guests. The Club may, from time-to-time, use this information to communicate with the guest. The Club does not use this information for any other purpose and does not provide it to third parties.

Violation of Website Policies

  • The Club reserves the right to remove postings it deems to be inappropriate and to ban users who violate website policies.