COVID-19 Response Update, June 1, 2020: The HMBC Board has decided to cancel all Club field trips through August 2, 2020. The June 1 meeting was also canceled, but the scheduled program will be presented at a later date. We will continue to monitor New York State Executive Orders and guidance related to social-distancing requirements. As the details of orders and guidance are revised, we will re-evaluate whether or not to hold subsequent events. Please check frequently for any updates.


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Program - Weather and Birding

  • 3 Jun 2019
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Five Rivers EEC

Speaker: Meteorologist Jason Gough 

Meteorologist Jason Gough is looking forward to spending some time with the Hudson-Mohawk Bird Club in early June.  Jason notes that birders all have a unique connection to the weather, as do the birds we observe!   Jason has a true appreciation of birds and their bioengineering, and explains that, “As advanced as we are at aviation physics and mechanics, we got nuthin’ on birds.”

In his open discussion on June 3, Jason hopes to answer some of our many questions and to teach us a little bit about how and why our weather works.  He hopes that it will enhance our birding experiences and looks forward to learning from birders as well!

Bring your questions about the weather!!

Jason Gough was born and raised in Albany.  He graduated from Albany High School and attended Auburn University.  He transferred to and received his degree in meteorology from the University of Maryland.  (It should be noted that he is a huge fan of Auburn Football and goes to at least one game a year there).

While at Maryland, he interned at WJLA for a summer.  The station created a paid position to keep him on as a weather producer and forecaster.  After he graduated, he took his first on-air position in Corpus Christi, Texas in August 2001.

He returned to Albany to WNYT, where he was on air for 13 years.  He made the decision to leave the station to pursue the fight to pass the Child Victims Act into law, which happened back in February.  He also set out to lobby for funding for his television show, Wine About the Weather, which he will continue to do until the end of March. 

Lastly, he hosts a website, It has all kinds of forecasts, blogs and articles on weather that he regularly updates.  You can sign up for a daily delivered email (6am) and request a personal forecast for something you have going on.

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