COVID-19 Response Update, May 11, 2021: The HMBC Board has decided to resume hosting field trips as soon as practicable. A schedule is being developed. Trip announcements will be posted to the website calendar as soon as the trips are scheduled. 


Building the birding community in New York's Hudson-Mohawk Region

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President . . . . . . . Tristan Lowery
Vice president .. . . Eric Molho
Secretary . . . . . . .Patricia Fuller
Treasurer . . . . . . . Ellen Pemrick
The terms of the officers expire in 2022

Cassie Davis - term expires 2022
Amanda Dillon - term expires 2022
Cindy Edwardson - term expires 2023
Gregg Recer - term expires 2023
Jim de Waal Malefyt - term expires 2022

Committee Chairs
Audit: vacant
Conservation: Kathy Schneider
Field Trips: Tom Williams
Membership: Gregg Recer
Outreach: Cassie Davis
Programs: Scott Stoner
Publications: Denise Hackert-Stoner
Records: Will Raup
Reist Sanctuary: Doug and Maria Conklin
Social: vacant
Technology: John Kent
Youth: Vacant

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