COVID-19 Response Update, December 9, 2020: The HMBC Board has decided to cancel all club field trips until further notice. One exception to this is the 2020 Christmas Bird Counts (CBCs). They will be held, following COVID-19 safety guidelines from the National Audubon Society.  HMBC virtual programs will continue via Zoom until further notice. We will continue to monitor New York State Executive Orders and guidance related to social-distancing requirements. As the details of orders and guidance are revised, we will re-evaluate whether or not to hold subsequent events. Please check frequently for any updates. 


Building the birding community in New York's Hudson-Mohawk Region

Upcoming Programs

    • 1 Feb 2021
    • 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM (EST)
    • via Zoom -- watch for email with link to connect.

    Birding the West Indies  Gregg Recer

    The West Indies comprises hundreds of islands spread throughout the greater Caribbean region. The whole area is an avian endemism hot-spot just a short plane ride from the US east coast. Many of the islands offer the opportunity to combine a relaxing tropical vacation with exciting birding. This travelogue program will be a broad composite overview from several trips to the region.

    Gregg Recer is a former HMBC president. He and his wife, Cathy Graichen, have been HMBC members for 30+ years and over that time have become avid world birders. 

    Puerto Rican Tody

    • 1 Mar 2021
    • 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM (EST)
    • via Zoom -- Watch for email with link

    Tonight’s talk looks at breaking down the mystique of flycatchers. Taken as a whole, this group can be a bit overwhelming, and all but the most experienced birders can struggle with them. In tonight’s talk, we will consider structure, behavior, along with vocal clues in sorting out differences between types of flycatchers likely to be encountered in the United States and Canada. “How do I tell if I’m looking at a pewee or an empid?” “…pewee or Phoebe?” “…crested flycatchers (Myiarchus) versus kingbirds (Tyrannus), etc. Once we have identified these groupings, we will touch on some of the best ways to tackle identification within each of the groups. 

    Chris Benesh is a lifelong birder living in Tucson, Arizona and has been studying flycatchers for many years. He works for Field Guides as a birding guide and produces educational videos for Chris grew up birding in California. After earning his degree in zoology, Chris joined the Field Guides staff, and his life underwent a wonderful transformation. The intervening years at Field Guides have taken him to many corners of the world and across both the Arctic and Antarctic circles! Chris's passion for education has led to his serving on the Arizona Bird Committee, leading the occasional workshop, and thoroughly explaining in admirable detail the nuances of flycatchers to tour participants and colleagues alike.

    • 3 May 2021
    • 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM (EDT)
    • via Zoom -- Watch for email with link

    From Finches to FiRN - Matt Young

    Matt has been observing and enjoying nature since a very young age. He’s lived in Central New York the past 23 years and it was during this time when he really started studying everything from birds to orchids, and bogs and fens. Matt received his B.S. in Water Resources with a minor in Meteorology from SUNY-Oneonta and his M.S. in Ornithology from the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry/Syracuse University in 2003. Matt did his masters research on avian diversity in restored wetlands of central New York at the Great Swamp Conservancy. He was a Regional Editor of the Kingbird for 10 years, the state ornithological journal in New York, was an Adjunct Professor in Environmental Studies at SUNY-Cortland, and currently teaches an Intro to Birding class for Cornell University and is the Board Chair at The Wetland Trust.

    He worked at the Cornell Lab across 15+ years where he did extensive field work for the Lab’s Cerulean and Golden-winged Warblers atlas projects, and was project lead on the Lab’s first Finch Irruptive Bird Survey for Bird Source in 1999. He was the Collections Management Leader/Audio Engineer at the Macaulay Library ~12 years where he edited sounds for several Merlin packs around the world in addition to being the lead audio engineer on guides, the Songs of the Warblers of North America, Audubon Society Voices of Hawaii’s Birds, and the Cornell Lab’s Guides to Bird Sounds, the North America Master and Essential Sets. He’s been a tour guide leader for Victor Emanuel Nature Tours, written finch species accounts for breeding bird atlases and Birds of the World, has published several papers about the Red Crossbill vocal complex, and is the President and Founder of the Finch Research Network (FiRN).

    Matt Young

    Red Crossbills (photo credit: Tom Johnson)Evening Grosbeaks (photo credit: Jay McGowan)

    Hoary Redpoll (photo credit: Patrick Tanner)

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