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    • 1 Nov 2021
    • 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
    • via Zoom - watch for email with link
    Workshop: The Essentials of Birding by Ear: A Universal Method for Learning How to Identify Birds Using Songs or Call Notes 

    Birding is fun! Plain and simple. To appreciate, understand, and enjoy the bird life around them, birders must rely on their ability to instantly recognize their fine feathered friends. Identifying birds quickly and easily by sound is not only one of the biggest frustrations birders experience; it is also the singular focus of this special presentation by award-winning author and ornithologist John C. Robinson. This workshop includes a set of advanced techniques that can be adapted year-after-year to fine-tune one's ability to identify similar-sounding bird species or challenging species groups, regardless of geographic location.

    Presenter: John C. Robinson 

    A professional ornithologist, keynote speaker, and environmental consultant, John C. Robinson holds a B.S. degree in Biology from Iowa State University. A two-time #1 Best-Selling author, he has published six books about nature and birds, including An Annotated Checklist of the Birds of Tennessee (1990), North American Bird Reference Book (2004), and Tweet, Flutter, and Squawk! (2015). He has also led professional birding and natural history tours to South Africa and numerous locations within the United States.

    Since 1999, John has been an advocate for minorities in birdwatching and nature and has conducted research on how to connect our youth and young adults to nature through the magic of bird watching.

    He has worked in collaboration with Toyota and the National Audubon Society; and continues to travel across the country, speaking about his landmark book, Birding for Everyone: Encouraging People of Color to Become Birdwatchers.
    • 6 Dec 2021
    • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
    • Five Rivers EEC (tentative, possibly also online)

    Birding Kenya: a tented-camp safari

    The idea of 'going on safari' is arguably most closely associated with East Africa, and Kenya is one of the classic East African destinations. A country roughly the size of Wyoming and Colorado combined, Kenya has the most bird species reported in eBird (1100) of any country on the continent. Its habitats range across desert, rainforest, ocean coast, montane forest, alkaline lakes, and classic East-African savanna. This talk will take in a sampling of many of them, highlighting both the outstanding birding and the great diversity of large mammals to be seen.

    Gregg Recer is a former HMBC president. He and his wife, Cathy Graichen, have been HMBC members for 30+ years and over that time have become avid world birders.   

    Reticulated Giraffe

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