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Building the birding community in New York's Hudson-Mohawk Region

Posting your rare bird sighting on HM Birds is only the beginning. You also should find out if it should be reported to New York State Avian Records Committee (NYSARC).

Visit this NYSARC page to find out if your bird should be reported.

NYSARC's home page has links to reporting forms, information on making a report, and details on past rare bird sightings. These reports are an important contribution to understanding the movement and distribution of birds in New York and North America. Sometimes rarities do not get in the record even though many people have seen them, because no one has made the effort to report them.

Other Useful Links
How to write convincing details - A website where you can learn the basics for keeping field notes.
How to document your sightings - More useful information if you ever wish to report a sighting of a rare bird.

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